Sunday, March 20, 2011

Feel the Music Radiate.

Years ago my relationship with instrumental music was one of disdain, but one day I realized not only the beauty but the power of such music to influence you purely through sound.  You mind and body go on a ride through the uplifting and the sorrowful, and you end the experience with vibrations running through your entire body.  Waking up and experiencing Penguin by Avicii has focused my mood of the day to be one of positivity. It was an experience and a ride I would take again anytime.!/item/19yc0/Avicii+-+Penguin+Original+Mix+

Thursday, March 17, 2011

As I was driving today, my Ipod connector could not find a good station to override, and thus, I was forced to listen to the Radio...
If I hadn't already had my ears bleed from watching Rebbecca Black's video, perhaps the vacation into the world outside of my Ipod would have been refreshing.  But lets just say my mind was unconsciously mocking it rather than enjoying it.
But with this rather depressing post, I bring along a little light!The Hot Chip album released February 2010 is OUTRAGEOUS.
Here is a little taster for you:


Friday, March 4, 2011

"Brick by Brick" music video

It is amazing to me how a band can create a music video where absolutely nothing happens and yet is still seems like a masterpiece.  The new Arctic Monkey's music video does just this, and I couldn't pull my eyes away.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Light from underground.

Months ago I saw a documentary named "Catfish." It was an excellent film, but part of its charm was that no one had heard or seen it. Its like being part of the lucky few when you get to see something like that.  Now however, people are just realizing it exists and starting to watch it, and constantly talking about it.
Is this another way people see themselves as being alt?  Sometimes, its really unfortunate when the underground goes mainstream.  Part of the reason I like listening to bands people rarely hear of, or watching weird movies, and reading obscure novels is that its like my own little world and publicity ruins that.  It takes the closeness out of the relationship.
However, I suppose this constant chase is what will keep me working to stay one step ahead and always looking for the next great thing. I guess the mainstream can't exist without influence from underground.