Thursday, February 24, 2011

Radiohead makes me alternative...Right?

My recent desire to blog has come about due to the release of the new Radiohead album, "The King of Limbs."  However, this post is not about reviewing the album, but rather the audience that this new creation has been viewed by.  Radiohead, appeared to connect to the alternative side of society for many years, however with the release of "In Rainbows" the popularity of the band among the mainstream appeared to skyrocket.  "In Rainbows" is clearly the most commercial friendly album released by Radiohead, but would I say it it is the best? No, I wouldn't.  But I also don't think "King of Limbs" is the best either.
My facebook newsfeed was littered with new status updates that simply said "Radiohead-The King of Limbs."  Yet later the same posters had statuses proclaiming their distaste for the new album, saying "In Rainbows" was much better.  It was at this point I realized the line drawn between those individuals who thrive on the idea that they are part of the "alternative" and those who actually are.  The stauses themselves demonstrated that these individuals wanted people to know they were listening to Radiohead, a band they consider "cool" and "different" which thus makes them "cool" and "different".  But then there are the people who actually love the music, and are part of the underground scene, yet the reason they are the epitomy of "cool" is because they are just being themselves.

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