Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stonefeather: The Funk Rock must-have of summer

As summer approaches, buzz bands become more frequent on everyone’s playlists.  But a more fun and definitely more “groovy” type of music is perfect for the hot days that loom ahead.  The Funk Rock sound explodes in the band, Stonefeather.  This band combines lyrics and beats that one moment have you riding the music sound waves and then transitioning to amazing head jamming guitar solos.  Their use of guitar solos is something I applaud, with each solo occurring at the perfect moment with the perfect sound. Stonefeather understands that music is more than just the lyrics, which is commonly forgotten.  Every instrument is very distinct, and strangely every instrument is the star without competing with the others, and this quality allows the listener to be consumed within the jams.  Ian Thomas’s vocals are the epitome of funk, and would be the perfect soundtrack for strolling down a boardwalk at the beach.  Their California roots are extremely evident in the laid back but cool way the band exposes its sounds.  Everyone take a listen, and be prepared for the feeling of summer to wash over you. 

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